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John Wesley's notes on the Gospel
Matthew Chapter XI 

1  In their cities - The other cities of Israel. 

2  He sent two of his disciples - Not because he doubted himself; but to confirm their faith. Luke 7:18. 

3  He that is to come - The Messiah. 

4  Go and tell John the things that ye hear and see - Which are a stronger proof of my being the Messiah, than any bare assertion can be. 

5  The poor have the Gospel preached to them - The greatest mercy of all. Isaiah 29:18; 35:5. 

6  Happy is he who shall not be offended at me - Notwithstanding all these proofs that I am the Messiah. 

7  As they departed, he said concerning John - Of whom probably he would not have said so much when they were present. A reed shaken by the wind? - No; nothing could ever shake John in the testimony he gave to the truth. The expression is proverbial. 

8  A man clothed in soft, delicate raiment - An effeminate courtier, accustomed to fawning and flattery? You may expect to find persons of such a character in palaces; not in a wilderness. 

9  More than a prophet - For the prophets only pointed me out afar off; but John was my immediate forerunner. 

10  Mal 3:1.