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John Wesley's notes on the Epistle: 2 Corinthians 4:1-6


1. Therefore having this ministry - Spoken of, chap. iii, 6. As we have received mercy - Have
been mercifully supported in all our trials. We faint not - We desist not in any degree from our
glorious enterprise.

2. But have renounced - Set at open defiance. The hidden things of shame - All things which
men need to hide, or to be ashamed of. Not walking in craftiness - Using no disguise, subtlety,
guile. Nor privily corrupting the pure word of God - By any additions or alterations, or by attempting to accommodate it to the taste of the hearers.

3. But if our gospel also - As well as the law of Moses.

4. The God of this world - What a sublime and horrible description of Satan! He is indeed the
God of all that believe not, and works in them with inconceivable energy. Hath blinded - Not only
veiled, the eye of their understanding. Illumination - Is properly the reflection or propagation of
light, from those who are already enlightened, to others. Who is the image of God - Hence also we may understand how great is the glory of Christ. He that sees the Son, sees the Father in the face of Christ. The Son exactly exhibits the Father to us.

5. For - The fault is not in us, neither in the doctrine they hear from us. We preach not ourselves
- As able either to enlighten, or pardon, or sanctify you. But Jesus Christ - As your only wisdom,
righteousness, sanctification. And ourselves your servants - Ready to do the meanest offices. For
Jesus' sake - Not for honour, interest, or pleasure.

6. For God hath shined in our hearts - The hearts of all those whom the God of this world no
longer blinds. God who is himself our light; not only the author of light, but also the fountain of it.
To enlighten us with the knowledge of the glory of God - Of his glorious love, and of his glorious
image. In the face of Jesus Christ - Which reflects his glory in another manner than the face of
Moses did.