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John Wesley's notes on the Mark and Matthew Gospels
MARK 12:28-37

28 Which is the first commandment? - The principal, and most necessary to be observed. Mt 22:34; Lu 10:25. 

29 The Lord our God is one Lord - This is the foundation of the first commandment, yea, of all the commandments. The Lord our God, the Lord, the God of all men, is one God, essentially, though three persons. From this unity of God it follows, that we owe all our love to him alone. Deut 6:4. 

30 With all thy strength - That is, the whole strength and capacity of thy understanding, will, and affections. 

31 The second is like unto it - Of a like comprehensive nature: comprising our whole duty to man. There is no other moral, much less ceremonial commandment, greater than these. Lev 19:18. 

33 To love him with all the heart - To love and serve him, with all the united powers of the soul in their utmost vigour; and to love his neighbour as himself - To maintain the same equitable and charitable temper and behaviour toward all men, as we, in like circumstances, would wish for from them toward ourselves, is a more necessary and important duty, than the offering the most noble and costly sacrifices. 

34 Jesus said to him, Thou art not far from the kingdom of God - Reader, art not thou? then go on: be a real Christian: else it had been better for thee to have been afar off. 

35 Mt 22:41; Lu 20:41. 36 Psa 110:1. 

MATTHEW 22:34-46

34 Mark 12:28; Luke 10:25. 

35 A scribe asking him a question, trying him - Not, as it seems, with any ill design: but barely to make a farther trial of that wisdom, which he had shown in silencing the Sadducees. 

37 Deut 6:5. 

39 Lev 19:18. 

42 Luke 20:41. 

43 How doth David then by the Spirit - By inspiration, call him Lord? If he be merely the son (or descendant) of David? If he be, as you suppose, a mere man, the son of a man? 

44 The Lord said to my Lord - This his dominion, to which David himself was subject, shows both the heavenly majesty of the king, and the nature of his kingdom. Sit thou on my right hand - That is, remain in the highest authority and power. Psalm 110:1. 

46 Neither durst any question him any more - Not by way of ensnaring or tempting him.