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John Wesley's notes on the Gospel: Matthew 9:1-8

1  His own city - Capernaum, Matt 4:13. Mark 5:18; Luke 8:37. 

2  Seeing their faith - Both that of the paralytic, and of them that brought him. Son - A title of tenderness and condescension. Mark 2:3; Luke 5:18. 

3  This man blasphemeth - Attributing to himself a power (that of forgiving sins) which belongs to God only. 

5  Which is easier - Do not both of them argue a Divine power? Therefore if I can heal his disease, I can forgive his sins: especially as his disease is the consequence of his sins. Therefore these must be taken away, if that is. 

6  On earth - Even in my state of humiliation. 

8  So what was to the scribes an occasion of blaspheming, was to the people an incitement to praise God.