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John Wesley's notes on the Gospel 
Luke 21:25-33
25 And there shall be - Before the great day, which was typified by the destruction of Jerusalem: signs - Different from those mentioned Lu 21:11, &c. Mt 24:29; Mr 13:24. 

28 Now when these things - Mentioned Lu 21:8,10, &c, begin to come to pass, look up with firm faith, and lift up your heads with joy: for your redemption out of many troubles draweth nigh, by God's destroying your implacable enemies. 

29 Behold the fig tree and all the trees - Christ spake this in the spring, just before the passover; when all the trees were budding on the mount of Olives, where they then were. 

30 Ye know of yourselves - Though none teach you. 

31 The kingdom of God is nigh - The destruction of the Jewish city, temple, and religion, to make way for the advancement of my kingdom. 

32 Till all things be effected - All that has been spoken of the destruction of Jerusalem, to which the question, Lu 21:7, relates: and which is treated of from Lu 21:8 - 24.