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John Wesley's notes on the Gospel

Matthew 6:16-21

16 When ye fast? - Our Lord does not enjoin either fasting, alms - deeds, or prayer: all these being duties which were before fully established in the Church of God. Disfigure - By the dust and ashes which they put upon their heads, as was usual at the times of solemn humiliation.  

17 Anoint thy head - So the Jews frequently did. Dress thyself as usual.  

19 Lay not up for yourselves - Our Lord here makes a transition from religious to common actions, and warns us of another snare, the love of money, as inconsistent with purity of intention as the love of praise. Where rust and moth consume - Where all things are perishable and transient. He may likewise have a farther view in these words, even to guard us against making any thing on earth our treasure. For then a thing properly becomes our treasure, when we set our affections upon it. Luke 12:33.  

21 Luke 11:34.