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Weekly Paragraphs for the Holy Sacrament
By Austin Farrer
Dacre Press, Westminster

WE do not know what happened when Jesus Christ rose from the dead; that is God's secret.  We do not know, that is, what happened to him, what change he underwent, what it was like for him to rise.  We know some of the things that happened to his disciples, what he caused them to see, to touch and to hear.  Through the signs of his presence which he bestowed, he made them understand at least this about himself: the whole Jesus who had lived with them before his passion was again alive, and with them again; nothing had been lost where everything had been glorified.  We break the bread on the altar for the death of Christ, but presently we mingle wine and bread to figure the coming together again of flesh and blood in the wholeness of Christ's resurrection.  And then we take to ourselves the words he spoke to the Twelve in the upper room:  The peace of the Lord be always with you.