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John Wesley's notes on the Gospel: Luke 11:14-26
19 Mr 16:14 Lu 24:36. 21 Peace be unto you - This is the foundation of the mission of a true Gospel minister, peace in his own soul, 2Cor 4:1. As the Father hath sent me, so send I you - Christ was the apostle of the Father, Heb 3:1. Peter and the rest, the apostles of Christ. 

22 He breathed on them - New life and vigour, and saith, as ye receive this breath out of my mouth, so receive ye the Spirit out of my fulness: the Holy Ghost influencing you in a peculiar manner, to fit you for your great embassy. This was an earnest of pentecost. 

23 Whose soever sins ye remit - (According to the tenor of the Gospel, that is, supposing them to repent and believe) they are remitted, and whose soever sins ye retain (supposing them to remain impenitent) they are retained. So far is plain. But here arises a difficulty. Are not the sins of one who truly repents, and unfeignedly believes in Christ, remitted, without sacerdotal absolution? And are not the sins of one who does not repent or believe, retained even with it? What then does this commission imply? Can it imply any more than, 

         1. A power of declaring with authority the Christian terms of pardon; whose 
             sins are remitted and whose retained? As in our daily form of absolution; and 

         2. A power of inflicting and remitting ecclesiastical censures? That is, of excluding 
             from, and re - admitting into, a Christian congregation.