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John Wesley's notes on 1 Peter 2:11-17


11 Here begins the exhortation drawn from the second motive. Sojourners: pilgrims - The first word properly means, those who are in a strange house; the second, those who are in a strange country. You sojourn in the body; you are pilgrims in this world. Abstain from desires of anything in this house, or in this country. 

12 Honest - Not barely unblamable, but virtuous in every respect. But our language sinks under the force, beauty, and copiousness of the original expressions. That they by your good works which they shall behold - See with their own eyes. May glorify God - By owning his grace in you, and following your example. In the day of visitation - The time when he shall give them fresh offers of his mercy. 

13 Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man - To every secular power. Instrumentally these are ordained by men; but originally all their power is from God. 

14 Or to subordinate governors, or magistrates. 

15 The ignorance - Of them who blame you, because they do not know you: a strong motive to pity them. 

16 As free - Yet obeying governors, for God's sake. 

17 Honour all men - As being made in the image of God, bought by his Son, and designed for his kingdom. Honour the king - Pay him all that regard both in affection and action which the laws of God and man require.