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John Wesley's notes on the Epistle: Romans 12:6-16
6  Having then gifts differing according to the grace which is given us - Gifts are various: grace is one. Whether it be prophecy - This, considered as an extraordinary gift, is that whereby heavenly mysteries are declared to men, or things to come foretold. But it seems here to mean the ordinary gift of expounding scripture. Let us prophesy according to the analogy of faith - St. Peter expresses it, "as the oracles of God;" according to the general tenor of them; according to that grand scheme of doctrine which is delivered therein, touching original sin, justification by faith, and present, inward salvation. There is a wonderful analogy between all these; and a close and intimate connexion between the chief heads of that faith "which was once delivered to the saints." Every article therefore concerning which there is any question should be determined by this rule; every doubtful scripture interpreted according to the grand truths which run through the whole. 

7  Ministering - As deacons. He that teacheth - Catechumens; for whom particular instructers were appointed. He that exhorteth - Whose peculiar business it was to urge Christians to duty, and to comfort them in trials. 

8  He that presideth - That hath the care of a flock. He that showeth mercy - In any instance. With cheerfulness - Rejoicing that he hath such an opportunity. 

9  Having spoken of faith and its fruit, Rom 12:3, &c., he comes now to love. The ninth, tenth, and eleventh verses refer to chapter the seventh; the twelfth verse to chapter the eighth; the thirteenth verse, of communicating to the saints, whether Jews or gentiles, to chapter the ninth, &c. Part of the sixteenth verse is repeated from Rom 11:25. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good - Both inwardly and outwardly, whatever ill - will or danger may follow. 

10  In honour preferring one another - Which you will do, if you habitually consider what is good in others, and what is evil in yourselves. 

11  Whatsoever ye do, do it with your might. In every business diligently and fervently serving the Lord - Doing all to God, not to man. 

12  Rejoicing in hope - Of perfect holiness and everlasting happiness. Hitherto of faith and love; now of hope also, see the fifth and eighth chapters; afterwards of duties toward others; saints, Ro 12:13 persecutors, Ro 12:14 friends, strangers, enemies, Ro 12:15, &c. 

13  Communicate to the necessities of the saints - Relieve all Christians that are in want. It is remarkable, that the apostle, treating expressly of the duties flowing from the communion of saints, yet never says one word about the dead. Pursue hospitality - Not only embracing those that offer, but seeking opportunities to exercise it. 

14  Curse not - No, not in your heart. 

15  Rejoice - The direct opposite to weeping is laughter; but this does not so well suit a Christian. 

16  Mind not high things - Desire not riches, honour, or the company of the great.