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John Wesley's notes on the Epistle
1 Thessalonians Chapter IV 

1  More and more - It is not enough to have faith, even so as to please God, unless we abound more and more therein. 

3  Sanctification - Entire holiness of heart and life: particular branches of it are subjoined. That ye abstain from fornication - A beautiful transition from sanctification to a single branch of the contrary; and this shows that nothing is so seemingly distant, or below our thoughts, but we have need to guard against it. 

4  That every one know - For this requires knowledge, as well as chastity. To possess his vessel - His wife. In sanctification and honour - So as neither to dishonour God or himself, nor to obstruct, but further, holiness; remembering, marriage is not designed to inflame, but to conquer, natural desires. 

5  Not in passionate desire - Which had no place in man when in a state of innocence. Who know not God - And so may naturally seek happiness in a creature. What seemingly accidental words slide in; and yet how fine, and how vastly important! 

6  In this matter - By violating his bed. The things forbidden, here are three: fornication, 1Th 4:3; the passion of desire, or inordinate affection in the married state, 1Th 4:5; and the breach of the marriage contract.