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Weekly Paragraphs for the Holy Sacrament
By Austin Farrer
Dacre Press, Westminster
LENT iii 

CHRIST broke his mysterious body and gave it to his disciples at the Supper without explaining at that time what the breaking and giving would mean.  There was no need, the facts would presently make it clear.  What, then, was done to this body?  It was stripped, scourged, and nailed to a cross: stripped of all dignity and all possession, scourged with the stroke of penal justice, and nailed up like a dead thing while it was still alive.  The body you receive in this sacrament accomplished its purpose by nailing to a tree.  You are to become this body, you are to be nailed: nailed to Christís sacrificial will.  The nails that hold you are Godís commandments, your rules of life, prayers, confessions, communions regularly observed.  Let us honour the nails for Christís sake, and pray that by the virtue of his passion they may hold fast.