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John Wesley's notes on the Epistle to the Ephesians


Chapter V 

1  Be ye therefore followers - Imitators. Of God - In forgiving and loving. O how much more honourable and more happy, to be an imitator of God, than of Homer, Virgil, or Alexander the Great! 

3  But let not any impure love be even named or heard of among you - Keep at the utmost distance from it, as becometh saints. 

4  Nor foolish talking - Tittle tattle, talking of nothing, the weather, fashions, meat and drink. Or jesting - The word properly means, wittiness, facetiousness, esteemed by the heathens an half - virtue. But how frequently even this quenches the Spirit, those who are tender of conscience know. Which are not convenient - For a Christian; as neither increasing his faith nor holiness. 

6  Because of these things - As innocent as the heathens esteem them, and as those dealers in vain words would persuade you to think them. 

8  Ye were once darkness - Total blindness and ignorance. Walk as children of light - Suitably to your present knowledge. 

9  The fruit of the light - Opposite to " the unfruitful works of darkness," Eph 4:11. Is in - That is, consists in. Goodness and righteousness and truth - Opposite to the sins spoken of, Eph 4:25,&c. 

11  Reprove them - To avoid them is not enough. 

12  In secret - As flying the light. 

13  But all things which are reproved, are thereby dragged out into the light, and made manifest - Shown in their proper colours, by the light. For whatsoever doth make manifest is light - That is, for nothing but light, yea, light from heaven, can make anything manifest. 

14  Wherefore he - God. Saith - In the general tenor of his word, to all who are still in darkness. Awake thou that steepest - In ignorance of God and thyself; in stupid insensibility. And arise from the dead - From the death of sin. And Christ shall give thee light - Knowledge, holiness, happiness.