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John Wesley's notes on the Gospel
Matthew 20:20-28
20 Then came to him the mother of Zebedee's children - Considering what he had been just speaking, was ever any thing more unreasonable? Perhaps Zebedee himself was dead, or was not a follower of Christ. Mark 10:35. 

21 In thy kingdom - Still they expected a temporal kingdom. 

22 Ye know not what is implied in being advanced in my kingdom, and necessarily prerequired thereto. All who share in my kingdom must first share in my sufferings. Are you able and willing to do this? Both these expressions, The cup, the baptism, are to be understood of his sufferings and death. The like expressions are common among the Jews. 

23 But to sit on my right hand - Christ applies to the glories of heaven, what his disciples were so stupid as to understand of the glories of earth. But he does not deny that this is his to give. It is his to give in the strictest propriety, both as God, and as the Son of man. He only asserts, that he gives it to none but those for whom it is originally prepared; namely, those who endure to the end in the faith that worketh by love. 

25 Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles lord it over them - And hence you imagine, the chief in my kingdom will do as they: but it will be quite otherwise. 

26 Your minister - That is, your servant. Mt 23:11.