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St. Bartholomew the Apostle

August 24










Patristic / Medieval 
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Calvin (Gospel)
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Evangelical Revival
Wesley's Notes (Gospel)
Wesley's Notes (Lesson 1662)

Wesley's Notes (Lesson Cdn)


Oxford Movement 
Keble (St. Bartholomew)

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Matthew Henry (Gospel)
Matthew Henry (Lesson 1662)

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O ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, who didst give to thine Apostle Bartholomew grace truly to believe and to preach thy Word; Grant, we beseech thee, unto thy Church, to love that Word which he believed, and both to preach and receive the same; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


THE LESSON.   Acts 5. 12.

Note that the 1662 BCP appoints the following lesson:

BY the hands of the apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people; (and they were all with one accord in Solomon's porch.  And of the rest durst no man join himself to them: but the people magnified them.  And believers were the more added to the Lord, multitudes both of men and women.) Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches, that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them.  There came also a multitude out of the cities round about unto Jerusalem, bringing sick folks, and them which were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed every one.


Note that the Canadian 1962 BCP appoints Acts 1.10-14 in place of the above lesson.

And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel; which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.  Then returned they unto Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, which is from Jerusalem a sabbath day’s journey.  And when they were come in, they went up into an upper room, where abode both Peter, and James, and John, and Andrew, Philip, and Thomas, Bartholomew, and Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, and Simon Zelotes, and Judas the brother of James.  These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren.


THE GOSPEL.  S. Luke 22. 24. 

AND there was also a strife among them, which of them should be accounted the greatest.  And he said unto them, The kings of the Gentiles exercise Lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors.  But ye shall not be so: but he that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief, as he that doth serve.  For whether is greater, he that sitteth at meat, or he that serveth? is not he that sitteth at meat? but I am among you as he that serveth. Ye are they which have continued with me in my temptations.  And I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my Father hath appointed unto me; That ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom, and sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.




INTROIT.  Ps 116.11-18  
11. What reward shall I give unto the Lord / for all the benefits that he hath done unto me?
12. I will take the cup of salvation, / and call upon the Name of the Lord.
13. I will pay my vows unto the Lord / in the presence of all his people.

14. Right dear in the sight of the Lord / is the death of his saints.
15. Behold, O Lord, how that I am thy servant : / I am thy servant and the son of thine handmaid; thou hast broken my bonds in sunder.
16. I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, / and will call upon the Name of the Lord.
17. I will pay my vows unto the Lord / in the presence of all his people;

18. Even in the courts of the Lord's house, / and in the midst of thee, O Jerusalem. Praise the Lord.
Glory be.


GRADUAL.  Ps 97.10-12    
10. O ye that love the Lord, see that ye hate the thing which is evil; / the Lord preserveth the souls of his saints; he shall deliver them from the hand of the ungodly.
11. There is sprung up a light for the righteous, / and joyful gladness for such as are true-hearted.
12. Rejoice in the Lord, ye righteous; / and give thanks unto his holy Name.