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III Trinity Sunday
An English Poem in the Williams Ms. not included in THE TEMPLE.
by George Herbert
(First printed in 1633, the year of Herbert's death.)

He that is one, 
      Is none. 
      Two reacheth thee 
      In some degree. 
      Nature & Grace 
With Glory may attaine thy Face. 
   Steele & a flint strike fire, 
      Witt & desire 
   Never to thee aspire, 
Except life catch & hold those fast. 
      That which beleefe 
Did not confess in the first Theefe 
      His fall can tell, 
   from Heaven, through Earth, to Hell, 
      Let two of those alone 
         To them that fall,  
Who God & Saints and Angels loose at last. 
         He that has one, 
                   Has all.