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Weekly Paragraphs for the Holy Sacrament
By Austin Farrer
Dacre Press, Westminster

IT has often seemed unreasonable that there should be more joy in heaven over one repentant sinner than over ninety-nine just men in need of no repentance, as though we gave most joy to the heart of God by often sinning and repenting often.  But God has no joy in insincere repentances, and to repent sincerely is to repent, so far as we can make it, irrevocably.  It is not for us to theorise repentance, but to repent; we at least are sinners, and we can give to the heart of God the joy he prizes so, for we can repent.  Especially since the careful searching fingers are stretched from heaven to find the missing silver, and the love of God does not rest from seeking the lost sheep.  How, in fact, was Jesus seen to be seeking the sinful publicans?  He sat and ate with them.  And he is seen to be seeking us, in that he has drawn us to share his table. 

In birth our fellow man was he, 
Our meat while sitting at the board. 
He died our ransomer to be, 
He ever lives our great reward.