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John Wesley's notes on 1 Peter 3:8-15

8 Finally - This part of the epistle reaches to 1Peter 4:11. The apostle seems to have added the rest afterwards. Sympathizing - Rejoicing and sorrowing together. Love all believers as brethren. Be pitiful - Toward the afflicted. Be courteous - To all men. Courtesy is such a behaviour toward equals and inferiors as shows respect mixed with love. 

9 Ye are called to inherit a blessing - Therefore their railing cannot hurt you; and, by blessing them, you imitate God, who blesses you. 

10 For he that desireth to love life, and to see good days - That would make life amiable and desirable. Psalm 34:12, &c. 

11 Let him seek - To live peaceably with all men. And pursue it - Even when it seems to flee from him. 

12 The eyes of the Lord are over the righteous - For good. Anger appears in the whole face; love, chiefly in the eyes. 

13 Who is he that will harm you - None can. 

14 But if ye should suffer - This is no harm to you, but a good. Fear ye not their fear - The very words of the Septuagint, Isaiah 8:12,13. Let not that fear be in you which the wicked feel. 

15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts - Have an holy fear, and a full trust in his wise providence. The hope - Of eternal life. With meekness - For anger would hurt your cause as well as your soul. And fear - A filial fear of offending God, and a jealousy over yourselves, lest ye speak amiss.