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John Wesley's notes on the First Epistle to the Corinthians

Chapter XV 

2  Ye are saved, if ye hold fast - Your salvation is begun, and will be perfected, if ye continue in the faith. Unless ye have believed in vain - Unless indeed your faith was only a delusion. 

3  I received - From Christ himself. It was not a fiction of my own. Isaiah 53:8,9. 

4  According to the scriptures - He proves it first from scripture, then from the testimony of a cloud of witnesses. Psalm 16:10. 

5  By the twelve - This was their standing appellation; but their full number was not then present. 

6  Above five hundred - Probably in Galilee. A glorious and incontestable proof! The greater part remain - Alive. 

7  Then by all the apostles - The twelve were mentioned 1Cor 15:5. This title here, therefore, seems to include the seventy; if not all those, likewise, whom God afterwards sent to plant the gospel in heathen nations. 

8  An untimely birth - It was impossible to abase himself more than he does by this single appellation. As an abortion is not worthy the name of a man, so he affirms himself to be not worthy the name of an apostle. 

9  I persecuted the church - True believers are humbled all their lives, even for the sins they committed before they believed. 

10  I laboured more than they all - That is, more than any of them, from a deep sense of the peculiar love God had shown me. Yet, to speak more properly, it is not I, but the grace of God that is with me - This it is which at first qualified me for the work, and still excites me to zeal and diligence in it. 

11  Whether I or they, so we preach - All of us speak the same thing.