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exerpt from 
The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage
John of Ruysbroeck

Translated by Evelyn Underhill

Of the ordering of all the virtues through the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost

The Gift of Fear

When a man lives in the Fear of God, in the moral virtues and in outward works; and when he is obedient and submissive to Holy Church and to the Divine commandments, and when he is ready and willing in simplicity of intention to do all good things: then he is like unto God, through faithfulness, and through the gathering of his will into the will of God, both in doing and in leaving undone.  And he rests in God, above likeness; for through faithfulness and singleness of intention, he fulfils the will of God more or less according to the measure of his likeness; and through love, he rests in his Beloved above likeness.