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John Wesley's notes on the Gospel: Matthew 22:1-14


1 Jesus answering, spake - That is, spake with reference to what had just past. 

2 A king, who made a marriage feast for his son - So did God, when he brought his first - begotten into the world. 

3 Them that were invited - Namely, the Jews. 

4 Fatlings - Fatted beasts and fowls. 

5 One to his farm, another to his merchandise - One must mind what he has; another, gain what he wants. How many perish by misusing lawful things! 

7 The king sending forth his troops - The Roman armies employed of God for that purpose. Destroyed those murderers - Primarily the Jews. 

8 Go into the highways - The word properly signifies, the by - ways, or turnings of the road. 

10 They gathered all - By preaching every where. 

11 The guest - The members of the visible Church. 

12 A wedding garment - The righteousness of Christ, first imputed, then implanted. It may easily be observed, this has no relation to the Lord's Supper, but to God's proceeding at the last day. 

14 Many are called; few chosen - Many hear; few believe. Yea, many are members of the visible, but few of the invisible Church. Mt 20:16.