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Gleanings from Orthodox Christian Authors 
and the Holy Fathers
The Parable of the Sower 
'But other seed fell upon good ground, and brought forth fruit, one a hundredfold, another sixty fold, and another thirty fold.' Three quarters of the seed perished and only a a quarter was saved. For few are they who are saved. At the end He speaks of the good ground, thus giving us hope of repentance. For although a man be rocky ground, or by the way side, or among the thorns, yet it is possible for him to become good ground. Nor do all who accept the word bear fruit equally: but 'one a hundredfold,' perhaps he who has attained perfect nonpossessiveness and extreme asceticism; 'another sixty fold,; perhaps the monk dwelling in a monastic community, and he, too, yields fruitfully; 'and another thirty fold,' he who has chosen honorable marriage and diligently practices the virtues as much as he is able. See the goodness of God, how He accepts everyone: those who achieve great things, those who achieve moderate things, and those who achieve small things. 

Explanation by Blessed Theophylact of The Holy Gospel According to St. Matthew.

Used with the permission of Fr Seraphim Holland from his website