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Weekly Paragraphs for the Holy Sacrament
By Austin Farrer
Dacre Press, Westminster


WE read that Godís creation is completed by the making of man, and that looking upon all that he has made, God sees it to be very good.  We turn a few pages and find something different: It repented God that he had made man, for the imagination of the thought of manís heart was evil continually.  Nevertheless Godís delight in the work of his hands prevails.  He rejoices infinitely in having made you; what is more, he rejoices in the you that he has made, in spite of the pitiful imaginations of the thoughts of your evil heart.  For his crown of satisfaction in what he has made is satisfaction in his beloved Son, and you arc in his Son.  God can look upon the man he has made, and find his work good, because he looks upon the man Jesus Christ, and sees the Son of his love, in whom he is well pleased.  Godís delight in you is immeasurable, because Christ is in you, and you arc in Christ.  You do not see it, but he sees it.  Be at one with Christ, and fulfil the delight of Godís heart.