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John Wesley's notes on the Gospel
Matthew 8:23-34


Matthew 8 

23. Mark iv, 35; Luke viii, 22.

24. The ship was covered - So man's extremity is God's opportunity.

26. Why are ye fearful - Then he rebuked the winds - First, he composed their spirits, and then the sea.

28. The country of the Gergesenes - Or of the Gadarenes - Gergesa and Gadara were towns near each other. Hence the country between them took its name, sometimes from the one, sometimes from the other. There met him two demoniacs - St. Mark and St. Luke mention only one, who was probably the fiercer of the two, and the person who spoke to our Lord first. But this is no way inconsistent with the account which St. Matthew gives. The tombs - Doubtless those malevolent spirits love such tokens of death and destruction. Tombs were usually in those days in desert places, at a distance from towns, and were often made in the sides of caves, in the rocks and mountains. No one could pass - Safely. Mark v, 1; Luke viii, 26.

29. What have we to do with thee - This is a Hebrew phrase, which signifies. Why do you concern yourself about us? 2 Sam. xvi, 10. Before the time - The great day.

30. There was a herd of many swine - Which it was not lawful for the Jews to keep. Therefore our Lord both justly and mercifully permitted them to be destroyed.

31. He said, Go - A word of permission only, not command.

34. They besought him to depart out of their coasts - They loved their swine so much better than their souls! How many are of the same mind!