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John Wesley's notes on the Gospel: Matthew 17:1-9



A high mountain - Probably Mount Tabor. Mark 9:2; Luke 9:28.



And was transfigured - Or transformed. The indwelling Deity darted out its rays through the veil of the flesh; and that with such transcendent splendour, that he no longer bore the form of a servant. His face shone with Divine majesty, like the sun in its strength; and all his body was so irradiated by it, that his clothes could not conceal its glory, but became white and glittering as the very light, with which he covered himself as with a garment.



There appeared Moses and Elijah - Here for the full confirmation of their faith in Jesus, Moses, the giver of the law, Elijah, the most zealous of all the prophets, and God speaking from heaven, all bore witness to him.



Let us make three tents - The words of rapturous surprise. He says three, not six: because the apostles desired to be with their Master.



Hear ye him - As superior even to Moses and the prophets. See Deut 18:17.



Be not afraid - And doubtless the same moment he gave them courage and strength.



Tell the vision to no man - Not to the rest of the disciples, lest they should be grieved and discouraged because they were not admitted to the sight: nor to any other persons, lest it should enrage some the more, and his approaching sufferings shall make others disbelieve it; till the Son of man be risen again - Till the resurrection should make it credible, and confirm their testimony about it.